Autism and Insurance

We continue to applaud NY Gov. Cuomo for his enactment of the Autism and Insurance Law covering many services for people with autism.

However, we must monitor carefully the new debate on the definition proposed for the new Diagnostic and Statical Manual.  If the definition is changed people with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Disorder of Development Nonspecific) and Asperger’s Syndrome may not be covered!

Make sure your voice is heard on this matter!



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  1. Susan Sonkin says:

    The Autism Insurance law should help many families. Beginning November, all insurers in New York State must cover people with autism to the same extent that they cover all other medical diagnoses. For example, if your insurer offers 30 occupational therapy sessions for a stroke patient, someone with autism also must get 30 sessions. Your provider may need to be approved by the insurance company. Its a great victory and wonderful fiscal relief for many families with an autistic member!

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