CEED Art Show Gets Rave Reviews

April 18 families were invited to our first seasonal art show.  The theme was Nursery Rhymes, developed in concert with April being Poetry Month.  The children were so proud to show their families their art work.                       Read more »

Educational Models

Did you know that CEED offers more then one educational model?  Its important to know that because no one model is right for every child.  We offer a developmental model with strong social and behavioral components, a TEACCH model with combines pictures and actions or requests and ABA or applied behavioral analysis which is a discrete […] Read more »

Governor Cuomo’s Proposal for Early Intervention Reform

Dear Friends, Thank you for your action and support regarding Governor Cuomo’s Proposals for Early Intervention Reform. By you actions, you have given your representatives in both the Senate and Congress a strong message and mandate.  You have been heard!  Both Houses have moved not to support the Governor in the most grievous of his proposals. However, […] Read more »

Welcome to CEED’s Blog!


  We are excited to have another way to interact with you.  Maybe you have a concern about the development of a child.  Maybe you see an issue, but need direction regarding referrals or services.  Perhaps you heard of a technique you would like to try with your child.  Our blog is the perfect way […] Read more »

Autism and Insurance


We continue to applaud NY Gov. Cuomo for his enactment of the Autism and Insurance Law covering many services for people with autism. However, we must monitor carefully the new debate on the definition proposed for the new Diagnostic and Statical Manual.  If the definition is changed people with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Disorder of Development Nonspecific) and Asperger’s Syndrome may […] Read more »

Wish List


  Do you have a problem you would like to discuss?  Is there a service you wish someone would offer?  Whatever your wishlist, share it here.  Sometimes wishes do come true! Read more »

Help for New Families


  Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in the journey of supporting your child’s unique needs for growth and development.  You must have many questions and concerns. This is the place to share them and get input from other parents with a bit more experience and professionals.  Don’t be shy!  We are here […] Read more »